Getting the most out of ACA Enhanced Funding by Leveraging Business Rules Management

Business Rules Management is a requirement for services agencies looking to fund the modernization of IT systems with CMS Enhanced Funding. With the temporary exception to OMB Circular A-87 cost allocation requirements granted by three federal agencies, states can now build an integrated IT foundation to support all health and human service programs with an enterprise business rule management system. Understanding how this works and knowing the investment required as well as the risks associated will be the keys to gaining success.

Listen in as Rick Howard, Research Director at Gartner in the Government Industry team and Dr. Mark Allen, CTO of Progress Software discuss this timely topic.

  • Understanding the purpose of the Business Rules Management “Modularity Standard” for CMS Enhanced Funding.
  • Taking full advantage of the A-87 cost allocation exception to build the Health & Human Service IT enterprise of the future.
  • Understanding what to look for in a business rules engine for the health and human services enterprise.

You will also hear about how Progress Corticon partners with over 18 health and human service agencies to deliver on their mission. We look forward to helping you too.

Rules and CEP Complement Each Other