Are you looking to use IT to help your business make better, faster decisions?

We know that this is the #1 priority for many IT executives and CIO’s. As the leading Business Rules Management System (BRMS) technology, Progress Corticon enables organization leaders to model and automate complex business decisions, without writing a single line of computer code. We are able to do this 10 to 25x faster than traditional rule engines or hard-coding business rules logic.

Over 500 companies use Progress Corticon to effectively manage business rules, including eBay.

To learn how you can too, please register for this recorded webinar taking place featuring Snezana Sahter, eBay Marketplace Solutions Architect for Risk Management and Dr. Mark Allen, Progress Software VP/CTO and former Founder and CEO of Corticon Technologies now Progress Corticon.

Watch today to explore how your organization can benefit from Progress Corticon.