Next Generation Business Rules

Because the business rules industry has for years been largely influenced by the vendors who embraced the same common technology and algorithms, erroneous perceptions have settled into the collective psyche. Progress Corticon is a breakthrough solution that addresses the real needs of decision automation.

After a brief primer on business rules, this Progress Perspective will discuss characteristics of first-generation business rules management systems (BRMS), with particular emphasis on key issues hindering customer success. This primer will set the stage for a deep dive into the next-generation Corticon BRMS, tracing its unique model-driven approach back to fundamental customer needs that have been underserved by first-generation products.

This detailed paper wills compare the technical differences between rule execution between the Corticon engine and other BRMS vendors’ engines - providing insights into performance and scalability. With automated logical analysis, business-friendly testing, “snap fit“ integration, and robust DeTI performance and scalability, you'll get a better understanding of how Corticon BRMS accelerates customer rule projects, drives unprecedented agility and business control, and fulfills the promise of business rules.

Next Generational Business Rules